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I offer a comfortable, welcoming space where you can come to discuss whatever is on your mind or troubling you. I will listen with an open heart, support you and encourage you to believe in yourself! Although life's difficulties can feel overwhelming at times there is always a way through them. My purpose is to help you recognize limiting, negative thoughts and transform them into realistic and empowering beliefs!


Counselling involves helping you to clarify your needs, identify your values and focus on your strengths. Counselling can help you in the following ways:

Hummingbird: how counselling helps
  • Building self-confidence
  • Improving relationships
  • Managing stress
  • Grieving losses
  • Reducing anxiety and depression
  • Feeling able to face life's challenges
  • Developing positive thoughts
  • Developing harmony in your home
  • Becoming more self-aware
  • Letting go of the past and
  • Achieving goals.

We will assist you in identifying obstacles to your success and happiness and encourage you to implement changes in your life. We will support you in creating a better life for yourself.


Only psychologists who have completed specialised training, and passed registration requirements are able to use the term psychologist. All psychologists have at least a masters level of education. Only a psychologist who has obtained PhD requirements are able to use the term doctor. Psychologists with doctoral degrees have received one of the highest levels of education available and have several years more training than those without this designation.

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Unlike a psychologist, the terms counsellor or therapist are not regulated and anyone can say that they practice counselling or therapy with no legal ramifications; They do not need to have any education or experience!

Many insurance companies require a registered psychologist for counselling and therapy to insure high quality training. Counselling and therapy are best used to describe the process in which the goals is to assist people in making positive changes within themselves and in their lives.

* We have been helping people lead happier, healthier lives for over 40 years
** Compassionate Counselling was formerly A.G. Scott Barros and Associates

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